Portman’s Progress

I, um, didn't know how else to thank youHow awesome is Natalie Portman? Well, in addition to being pretty great at everything she does and a swell person to talk to, she’s able to get people to come and see an Ashton Kutcher movie.

“No Strings Attached” topped the box-office over the weekend, grossing $20.3 million. (Last week’s champ, “The Green Hornet”, came in second with $18.1 million.) And while reviews haven’t exactly been kind, no one’s blaming Portman for the movie’s quality … which is kinda weird, since she’s one of the producers. Point is, with an Oscar nomination all but assured for “Black Swan”, this movie seems unlikely to be her “Norbit“.

And good for her. She may have absolutely no chemistry with Kutcher, but if she can turn him into a box-office draw, she should easily be able to do the same for Danny McBride