The Abandoned

Hark! Did someone just buy a ticket?It’s a little too early for the weekend box-office report, though Variety suggests “Resident Evil: Extinction” will win the frame, having grossed an impressive $9.2 million on Friday alone. (And this despite sucking royally … not that it stopped the last one from being just as successful.)

I’m more interested in the per-screen numbers for “The Assassination of Jesse James”, which — despite mostly favorable reviews at TIFF — was essentially left out in the wilderness by Warner with a five-screen release.

I did my part. Talked it up right good to anyone who’d listen, and even dedicated this week’s Sympatico/MSN column to Brad Pitt in an attempt to draw more eyeballs to the picture. Here’s hoping Warner adds a couple more screens to the movie’s October 5th expansion; at the moment, it’s only set to open in Calgary.