Dead Stupid

The stockings help with zombie-related chafingOkay, I understand why Sony didn’t screen “Resident Evil: Extinction“. You want to keep a movie this bad under wraps for as long as possible.

Not that the target audience seemed to care, since they drove it straight to the top of the box-office charts … which means that, once again, Paul W.S. Anderson is going to have to figure out how to write the sequel he teased at the end of the picture. And, once again, he’ll screw it up royally.

Meanwhile, “Sydney White” — which was screened, though circumstances prevented me from catching it until Friday — is just another one of those empty tween movies. I have nothing against reimagining “Snow White” as a present-day college comedy; I just would have preferred one that was made with some intelligence and care.

But that’s asking too much, of course.