Spring Forward, Get Eaten

Well, here we are. It’s April, the movies won’t stop coming, I’m so very tired.

Allure: Evan Rachel Wood seduces Julia Sarah Stone in Carlos and Jason Sanchez’ undercooked psychodrama, which screened at TIFF as A Worthy Companion. I was not a fan.

Blockers: Pitch Perfect screenwriter Kay Cannon makes her directorial debut with this ragged comedy about parents trying to keep their daughters from having sex on prom night. It has some charming moments, mostly via the kids, but the script needed another pass or two.

Chappaquiddick: Susan reaaallly did not like this post-Camelot docudrama when it played TIFF last year, and has grown no warmer towards it since.

Final Portrait: Susan also has some pretty big reservations about Stanley Tucci’s latest, which pairs Geoffrey Rush and Armie Hammer as Alberto Giacometti and James Lord in a tale of artistry.

Itzhak: Glenn wanted more from Alison Chernick’s look at the renowned violinist Itzhak Perelman, whom I had the pleasure of seeing make his Broadway debut a couple of years back. It was in Oh, Hello, but still. Broadway is Broadway.

The Miracle Season: Rad has some issues with Sean McNamara’s latest faith-based true-story sports melodrama, which sounds only slightly less contrived than his last film, Soul Surfer. How does he keep getting Helen Hunt to work with him?

A Quiet Place: John Krasinski’s horror movie — starring himself and real-life wife Emily Blunt as parents trying to survive an invasion of predators that track their victims by sound — has been getting some very strong reviews. Jose‘s is a little more nuanced.

And that’s everything! NOW’s Hot Docs site goes live today, you should check that out too. I wrote a thing about the history of the festival, and we’ll have more stuff going up over the weekend.

I’m really tired, you guys.

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