À l’intérieur

Fun fact: I spent the second half of my London trip with a cough so debilitating that I ultimately blew out my voice and had to cancel a couple of podcasts — and you can hear the start of that cough at a couple of points in this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie.

(You can also hear the legacy of the cough in the intro and outro segments, recorded more than a week afterward. I’m still not fully recovered.)

But thanks to some judicious editing, you’ll mostly just hear me having a really great conversation with Saul Dibb, director of the very, very good WWI drama Journey’s End, about Jacques Audiard’s 2009 jailhouse masterwork A Prophet — a tremendously good movie that should have garnered a lot more praise on this side of the Atlantic than it ultimately did.

So go do that! It’s available at all the usual places — by subscription at Apple PodcastsGoogle Play or Stitcher, or downloadable directly from the web. And don’t worry, I’ll sound a lot better next week.

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