Showtime, Folks

Fun fact: I’ve recorded nearly 300 episodes of Someone Else’s Movie over five and a half years, and people always flirt with bringing a Bob Fosse picture onto the podcast but never quite get there. Sweet Charity, Cabaret, Lenny … they’ve come up before, but the guests always change their mind.

Well, not this week. The amazing Kacey Rohl — whom you may know from her appearances on Hannibal, Arrow and The Magicians, and who is absolutely fantastic in Calvin and Yonah‘s new thriller White Lie — went for All That Jazz, and delivered as good an episode as I could have hoped. It’s also my favorite Fosse, so I’m doubly happy to have had the chance to get into that weird, seething mixture of autobiography and confession from an artist literally showing us his heart.

So give it a listen! Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher and get the episode immediately, or download it directly from the web. It’s a good one.

Want more? Well, there are two new episodes of NOW What: Last Friday’s, where Rad talks to Ryerson professor Beverly Jenkins about her innovative (and much-needed) Fashion and Race Database (it’s embedded in their interview) and today’s panel with myself, Richard, The Garrison’s Shaun Bowring and Lowest of the Low’s Lawrence Nichols about what live music might look like as we move into Stage 3 of reopening … and why no one’s in much of a rush to get there.

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There’s also the latest NOW review digest and VOD calendar, and a longer review of Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, which straddles documentary and dramatic filmmaking to give us the best of both formats.

I make it look easy, right?

One thought on “Showtime, Folks”

  1. Great to hear an episode discussing one of my all-time favorite movies. Loved it since seeing it multiple times the year it came out. I also learned something new; I did not realize that was Fosse’s own heart surgery shown in the movie. You and your guest were discussing Scheider’s physicality in the movie. I remember hearing in an interview that he was not taught how to dance for the movie but rather how to move like a dancer, which worked very effectively. Whenever the topic of years when Academy Awards went to the wrong people and movies, this is the year that jumps immediately to mind. Roy Scheider definitely should have won, and All That Jazz should have beaten Kramer vs Kramer, or at least Apocalypse Now or even Breaking Away, which was a goddamn delight, should have won. Rant over.

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