Hell, Yeah

First things first: Wynonna Earp is back!

That show I love, made by some really swell people, kicks off its fourth season Sunday night after two years in limbo, and  I’ve seen the first two episodes and they’re great and I can’t wait for more as soon as they finish shooting them.

But wait! How are they making television in a plague year? Well, that’s the subject of today’s NOW What podcast, which features Melanie Scrofano bringing me up to speed about culture shock and COVID protocols on the Wynonna set in Calgary. She’s the best, do give it a ilsten.

And if you’re looking for stuff to watch before Sunday night comes around, there’s a new season of Street Food on Netflix, which I reviewed here. And NOW’s handy VOD calendar is packed with options, and even includes a capsule review of Romola Garai’s directorial debut Amulet, which I thought was pretty decent and has enough supernatural creepery to maybe tee up some Earping later in the day.

That’s everything for now. Have a nice weekend! Stay hydrated, it’s gonna be a blast furnace out there.

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