Roll That Rock

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie is but a short one; my guest, actor-turned-filmmaker Frances O’Connor and I, only had a brief window of time to talk about her love of Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 2010 drama Biutiful and the Sisyphean challenge of leaving the world a little better than you found it.

We also talked about her directorial debut Emily, which is now available on digital and on demand in Canada; you can rent it right here on TIFF’s digital  platform if you’re so inclined! And you should, because there’s a scene with Emma Mackey and a mask that’s just riveting.

Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher and/or Spotify, or download the episode directly from the web. It’s right there! And then get caught up on your Shiny Things reading; last week I tackled Warner’s new 4K editions of The Maltese FalconRebel Without a Cause and Cool Hand Luke, and Paramount’s very pretty 4K boxed set of the Picard-era Star Trek movies. Is your subscription up to date? It’s coming up on a year now, you know.

Also, if you’re in Toronto and reading this on Tuesday the 11th, maybe check out TIFF’s Secret Movie Club page and see if tickets are still available for tonight’s screening? It’s a good one. See you there, I hope!

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