Living, Out, Loud

This week on Someone Else’s  Movie , I welcome writer-director Joseph Amenta — whose first feature Soft, about three queer kids obsessed with getting into a Toronto nightclub, was one of the best things we screened at TIFF last year, and which finally starts its commercial run this Friday at the Revue Cinema — to talk about the movie that helped him see cinema in a different way: Sean Baker’s Tangerine.

Tangerine has sort of faded away over the last few years, overwritten in Baker’s filmography by The Florida Project and Red Rocket, but it couldn’t be more relevant to the current moment — as a deeply empathetic portrait of two trans sex workers having a really bad Christmas Eve in West Hollywood. What could have been a stunt (especially considering the whole shot-on-an-iPhone thing) instead turned out to be something small and intimate and honest, a movie that truly sees its characters from every angle. It’s informed Baker’s cinema ever since, and Joey took the right lessons from it as well.

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