Feeling Patriotical

It’s National Canadian Film Day today, and I’ve spent most of this week barrelling towards tonight’s gala screening of Breakaway at the Lightbox … for which tickets are already sold out, sorry about that.  But I’m carving out a couple of minutes to type this up so you can still keep track of my stuff!

On this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, I’m joined by actor and filmmaker Vanessa Matsui — who made the charming and spiky web comedy Ghost BFF,  and whose first feature Midnight at the Paradise is having its hometown premiere this Friday night at the Paradise Cinema — about another charming, spiky relationship picture: Sophie Hyde’s Good Luck to You, Leo Grande, which should have nabbed Emma Thompson another Oscar nomination and which absolutely should guarantee Daryl McCormack a long and thriving career as a leading man.

It’s a fun listen, even if I couldn’t settle on a consistent pronunciation of “Leo Grande”. (Weird, how you get in your head sometimes. Which of course is what the movie is all about.)

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Don’t make a face. You know I’m right. Subscribe already! And happy National Canadian Film Day, go pet a moose or something.

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