Road Trips

An image of filmmaker Ryan Noth.A still from Kelly Reichardt's Old Joy.On this week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie, I finally get to put Ryan Noth on the show. I’ve been enjoying his stuff for more than a decade now, in both features and documentaries, and his new drama Drifting Snow is a lovely, small study in connection and compassion that’s been circling release for more than a year, thanks to the stupid pandemic. And while I’m disappointed you won’t be able to see it in a theater, at least you can finally see it.

Ryan picked Old Joy for his episode, and the links between Kelly Reichardt’s 2006 breakout and his own movie will be immediately apparent to anyone who’s seen both of them. And if you haven’t, don’t worry; we cover most of that ground in the course of our conversation. I think you’ll enjoy it.

You know how this goes: Subscribe on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and Stitcher to get the episode instantly, or download it directly from the web and listen at your leisure. And then you can move on to the new episode of NOW What, which is also a travelogue of sorts: I talked to Drew Hayden Taylor about his new APTN series Going Native, in which he bounces all over North America exploring the ways in which Indigenous people are reclaiming and reinventing their culture.

You might want to keep a notepad handy for the literary recommendations Drew throws out; I’m planning to start with Moon of the Crusted Snow.

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