Perfection, Movie-Wise

A still of writer-director Scott Abramovitch.A still of Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine in The Apartment.Schedules being what they are, it’s time for another bonus Friday episode of Someone Else’s Movie — and the movie is very, very special: Scott Abramovitch, whose new film Eat Wheaties! just landed on VOD, is here to talk about Billy Wilder’s The Apartment, which remains just as clear-eyed about human nature (and as sweet, and as funny) as it was sixty-one years ago.

How did they manage that? Well, Scott has thoughts. I have thoughts. You probably have some of your own, so you should spin up the episode and see if any of them line up with ours!

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And then you’ll want to read stuff, right? Here’s this week’s What to Watch page, featuring all manner of reviews, and here’s my conversation with Invincible creator Robert Kirkman, which can also be enjoyed as a YouTube experience.

Also there are Hot Docs reviews aplenty, because that’s still a thing until Sunday. Go wild! Just don’t watch the bad ones. That’s what the ratings are for, remember?

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