1178499 - 22 Jump StreetIt’s a typical summer weekend, with the majors rolling out high-expectation sequels while the minors throw out a few festival pickups as counter-programming. Seriously, take a look:

All Cheerleaders Die: I keep hoping Lucky McKee will deliver another movie worthy of May, but Glenn‘s review suggests I should probably stop hoping for that.

Burt’s Buzz: All I can say is I hope Burt’s Bees paid Jody Shapiro a great deal of money to make this toadying corporate video disguised as a documentary.

The Double: Richard Ayoade’s delightfully weird spin on Dostoevsky features a pair of great Jesse Eisenberg performances and a great deal of wit. Garth Marenghi would be proud.

How to Train Your Dragon 2: Hiccup and Toothless reunite for a second adventure that is remarkably satisfying even though it’s also entirely unnecessary. Basically I’ll watch those pixels do anything.

Silent Retreat: The first half of Tricia Lee’s teen-horror thriller is evocative and creepy; the second half is not. That’s a fair summation.

22 Jump Street: There is something utterly wonderful about watching Channing Tatum struggle to think. Bless Phil Lord and Chris Miller for knowing this, and for building a movie around it.

WolfCop: The makers of this Canadian wannabe-cult classic neglected to add the subtitle “The Cop That Wolfs People”. Rad says that’s not the only missed opportunity.

There you go! If that’s not enough for you, check out yesterday’s post for the various film festivals happening in town this week. If you can get a ticket to the NXNE screening of Boyhood on Saturday night, you should probably do that.

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