Blue Thursday

yves_klein_blueIf you’re in Ontario, go vote. Then come back and read this. It’s okay, we’ll wait.

Are you back? Hello! This week’s NOW arrives under a bit of a cloud, as we’re still mourning our food columnist Steven Davey, who died suddenly earlier this week. He was 64, which is perhaps the biggest shock of all; I didn’t even think he was in his fifties. Susan’s memorial is worth a read, as Steven’s final piece … which is a review of a place just down the street from me. I will have to go.

But on to happier things. Richard Ayoade’s The Double opens in Toronto today, and it’s very good, and we had a fun interview at TIFF which leads off this week’s film section. I’m also covering no fewer than four film festivals — TIFF’s massive Bent Lens program for WorldPride, NXNE Film, the Italian Contemporary Film Festival and the Toronto Animation Arts Festival International.

Why so many film festivals, you ask? Because I am incapable of saying “no, thank you”. I should really work on that.

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