A Shocking Twist!

images22 Jump Street outpaced How to Train Your Dragon 2 by a considerable margin this weekend, with the live-action comedy sequel grossing $60 million to the CG fantasy sequel’s $50 million.

Both numbers are impressive, mind you, but I’m pretty sure anyone would have bet on them being reversed. An R-rated comedy sequel coming out on top of the follow-up to a massive family hit with its own TV spinoff — and with 3D ticket prices, too — is pretty amazing.

Let’s hear it for the underdogs, I guess. Speaking of which: Edge of Tomorrow made more in its second weekend than The Fault in Our Stars, which stomped it flat last weekend. (The former placed fourth with $16.2 million; the latter fifth with $15.7 million. Maleficent took third with $19 million.) Does this mean Doug Liman’s alien actioner will turn out to be a summer sleeper, chugging along in the middle of the box-office charts for a couple of months and gradually finding the audience it missed out on last week?

… well, no, probably not. But wouldn’t it be great if it did?

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