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  1. You mentioned “bookstore owner” in your review of The Answer Man and the resulting twinge emboldened me to ask a favour – which I will perfectly understand if you can’t agree to, since it might set an unwelcome precedent for you.

    My used bookstore is going out of business and I am selling everything off. May I mention where it is located? This economy is absolutely brutal on small businesses…the store where I got comic books closed last week. Thanks for thinking about it, even if you have to say no.

  2. Thanks Norm! You are a scholar and a gentleman.

    For any booklovers in or willing to trek out to to Scarborough, the store is…
    Chris’ Bookshelf, 3110 Kingston Rd., which is at Kingston Rd. and Fenwood Heights, one block east of Kingston and McCowan. For anyone travelling by bus, take the Markham 102 out of Warden station, which stops at Fenwood right across the street from the store. Store is open Tuesday – Saturday. Thousands of (mostly) paperbacks in excellent condition; everything on sale.

    Thanks again.

  3. On the subject of Wenders, have you seen the extended cut of Until the End of the World? I imported it on DVD many years ago, but only recently got around to watching it. It’s always been a problematic movie, and the 4-hour version doesn’t completely fix its more pretentious and ridiculous aspects. But it does certainly make it a better, more entertaining movie, so long as you watch it in chunks like a miniseries.

  4. @ Josh – No, I’ve never gotten hold of the longer version. The theatrical cut was frustrating enough that I’ve been hesitant to go any further into the movie …

    @ Don – I’m still waiting on a copy from Maple, but if that’s true, that’s atrocious.

  5. God, the three hour cut of Until the End of the World was atrocious but an even longer version is a frightening thought. Chris, what comic store went under?

  6. @Shlomo – Golden City Comics, proudly serving Scarberia for about the past eight years, just like me

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