Vision Quests

This dude does not abide, little misterI do meet some fascinating people. Just pick up the latest issue of NOW …

This week, in a flashback to TIFF, I talk to Jon Ronson, whose excellent book “The Men Who Stare at Goats” has been turned into a rather less than excellent military comedy by Grant Heslov; I also chat with one of Heslov’s stars, Jeff Bridges — who turns out to be not just the Dude, but the man, as well.

And then there’s Jared Hess, whose latest film, “Gentlemen Broncos”, has been getting quite the pasting from critics in the U.S. — I mean, if you thought they were hard on “Nacho Libre”, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

We had a really interesting conversation about the challenges of making and marketing very strange movies — which, sadly, is only available online, rather than being published in the paper itself, where more people might notice it and decide to check out the weird movie where Sam Rockwell plays a space tranny.

Ah, well. Since Fox Searchlight is now rethinking its release strategy on “Broncos”, you probably won’t see it until the DVD comes out, anyway.