Oh, Look, More Festivals

Hello, childrenTwo more film festivals kick off this week, both run by the fine folks at the Toronto International Film Festival Group; fortunately, there’s not much in the way of crossover, so I could cover them both for NOW without my head melting.

First, there’s Sprockets, the international festival of children’s films, which features a couple of terrific entries this year as well as at least one truly awful one. Read the piece, you’ll see.

And then, over to the Cinematheque, there’s a celebration of New Romanian Cinema, which means I get to write about all the obscure movies I’ve seen at film festivals over the last few years. And I finally have somewhere to put my standard line about Romanian comedies.

Also, if you’re in the mood for odd, arch genre comedies and you happen to be downtown tonight, stop by the Royal and check out its John Paizs double-bill — the Technicolor goofery of “Top of the Food Chain” really pops on 35mm. And that Fiona Loewi? Rrrowwwrrr.

Yes, film critics for alternative weeklies say “Rrrowwwrrr”. Ask my wife.

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