Missing Pieces

Yeah, my people think 'Van Wilder Returns' is not the worst thing for me right nowSo, this is kind of weird — I’ve been so busy with the various film festivals that I’ve missed all but one of this week’s theatrical openings.

I mean, okay, they didn’t screen “Prom Night”, but the other four pictures just sort of slid past me. This is what happens when you have a support staff, I guess.

On the upside, it doesn’t sound like I missed anything. On the downside, the one I did see appears to have been the worst of the lot.

“Bella”: You might remember this one from the controversy last December over the unprofessional (and unforgivable) handling of reader feedback to Shlomo Schwartzberg’s review for Boxoffice.com. Jason and Radheyan seem to have reached the same conclusions about the film, so I wonder whether they’ll be letter-bombed in the same fashion.

Chaos Theory“: I really, really wish Ryan Reynolds would start making better movies. I really, really wish Marco Siega would stop making movies entirely. I am not likely to have either of those wishes granted, but it’s good to hope.

“Smart People”: I don’t know much about this ensemble comedy about a professor with a wacky family, other than that people absolutely loathe it; no fewer than four of my colleagues went out of their way to tell me how terrible it was. That might mean it’s more entertaining than it looks (and wouldn’t it have to be?), but I’ll still wait for the DVD.

“Street Kings”: David Ayer wrote the phony, posturing “Training Day” and directed the reprehensible “Harsh Times”. Based on those two projects, I fully expect this new film to be a swaggering mess of excessive violence peppered with amoral characters who wave guns around while delivering bravado-filled speeches about right and wrong, occasionally pausing to humiliate hot women. Andrew liked it more than Jason did. Neither mentions the hot women, so maybe Ayer is evolving. Or he just couldn’t talk anyone into taking her top off.

Not much else going on. Hot Docs is coming, and I have more stuff to watch over the weekend. What’s up with you?