I’m Tired of Reality

Re-enacted, and it feels so good… well, maybe it’s not that bad, but with Hot Docs around the corner, I find myself neck-deep in documentaries.

Sooooo many documentaries.

I could really use a zombie movie right about now, is what I’m saying.

Not this one, though. This one.

7 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Reality”

  1. Both links go to the [REC] site…

    I’m assuming you’re recommending [REC}? I saw it a few weeks ago and summarily had my mind blown.

  2. Whoops — the first link should have gone to the crappy
    “Day of the Dead” non-remake. It’s fixed now.

    “[REC]”, yes, very intriguing. Sony’s already remaking it as “Quarantine”, for release this fall. Hopefully that won’t stop the original from coming out somehow …

    And you can never have too many zombie-attack plans. I’m still a little unnerved that we live on street level, with only one point of entry to our home. We’re live bait, is what we are.

  3. People can always check out Max Brooks’ book World War Z for ideas how to survive. Me…I’m pretty sure I’m zombie bait.

  4. I read that J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) is writing the script for World War Z, which is encouraging. I’m a little worried that they’ll lose the sprawling nature of the book when they cram it into a 2 hour film. I prefer a treatment where the movie is presented as a documentary with talking heads and found footage. Let Errol Morris direct it! Or sell it as a series to HBO.

  5. The episodic nature of World War Z would make an easy translation to miniseries format, but I suspect that the budget required for many of the war scenes would be out of reach even for a premium cable channel.

    I expect that any feature film adaptation will strip out the ‘reportage’ structure and about 3/4 of the storylines, focusing only on the soldier.

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