They really capture Desmond, don't they?The PVR neglected to record “Lost” last night, so we had to wait for the West Coast feed, and of course by that point we were all exhausted and stuff, so we haven’t actually watched it. We’ll be rectifying that shortly, though.

I am now frankly terrified that this glitch will repeat itself Sunday night, when the series finale airs. At least I was home to catch this screwup and set up a West Coast fail-safe …

Look, I know it’s just a television show, but it’s a really interesting television show, and I’m very keen to see how it all plays out. Also, I’m supposed to write something about the runup to the finale for NOW, and that’ll be a lot more difficult if I haven’t seen the penultimate episode …

4 thoughts on “NOBODY SAY ANYTHING!”

  1. In last night’s episode, the entire Lost cast wakes up in a very large bed with a CGI Suzanne Pleshette and a real Bob Newhart. But you didn’t hear it from me.

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