Walking Wounded

The mission is miseryMy new MSN DVD column is up, in which I more or less beg Canadians to see “The Messenger”.

Oren Moverman’s subtle, positively European drama about the human cost of war was sadly overlooked during its brief theatrical run last winter, despite Oscar nods for its script and Woody Harrelson’s terrific supporting performance. Even Ben Foster, whom I haven’t been able to stand for most of his career, was pretty good in the lead. And yet I couldn’t drag people to it with a pulley.

If you’re even the least bit interested, gamble a few bucks on a rental and give it a chance. Much like “Wendy and Lucy” — another excellent small-scale drama picked up for American distribution by Adam Yauch’s Oscilloscope Pictures — this is exactly the kind of movie that gets literally outgunned at the North American box-office, but more than deserves to be discovered on disc.