“Lost”, Salvaged

If it hasn't eaten through the can, it's still goodFile this one under the heading of “Great job, AV Club!”: My favorite pop-culture omnivores have discovered there’s going to be an auction of “Lost” props next month in Los Angeles; a company called Profiles in History is about a thousand elements of the show, from Ana Lucia’s LAPD badge to Desmond’s backpack, up for sale.

My first thought was, yeah, an Apollo bar might be kinda nifty to have around. But then I looked at the preview pages and realized just how cool it could be to own “32 DHARMA Beer Cans in Varied Condition“, or the hatch’s fail-safe key, or Charlie’s Drive Shaft ring.

But if I go for anything, it’s probably going to be Desmond and Penny’s snapshot — I imagine it might be nice to have that tucked away on the piano in an understated frame, just waiting to be noticed. There’s a whole world in there.

Or Daniel’s journal. I mean, just in case.

One thought on ““Lost”, Salvaged”

  1. I’d be more interested if it was the photo of Desmond and the original Penny, as seen before the role was recast with Sonya Walger and the producers replaced the picture in the reruns and DVD/Blu-ray. THAT’D be an interesting conversation piece.

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