Today’s Module: Videos

Remember, they know exactly what they're doingThis week’s MSN DVD column looks at television — specifically, British television, much of which is awfully good and some of which may be entirely new to you.

“Being Human”. “Look Around You”. “Last Chance to See”. “Stephen Fry in America”. I heartily recommend them all, and can suggest still others if you’re curious. The complete runs of “Spaced” and “Black Books”, for instance. Or “Coupling”, created by the same Steven Moffat who’s now doing such wonderful things with “Doctor Who”. And the wonderful panel show “QI”, which is not yet on disc over here but is viewable on the BBC’s website — though you might have to reconfigure your browser for that one.

Anyway, read the piece. And bring something home tonight. Or if you’re feeling like taking advantage of the weather, join Ali and me at Harbourfront at 9 pm for a screening of Morgan Spurlock’s “Super Size Me“, the third in this summer’s Free Flicks series.

It’s guaranteed to be the only one where someone barfs a burger out a car window … unless my memories of “In the Mood for Love” are blurrier than I think.

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  1. Thanks for all the Brit suggestions. Being Human was already on my ziplist, but I’d never heard of Look Around You.

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