Let a Million Voices Cry Out As One!

MAKE. THIS. HAPPEN.I’m still waiting on this week’s MSN DVD column to go live, but until it does, I offer you this MSN Movies piece about super heroes in need of their close-up — or, more specifically, comic-book characters that deserve their own feature films.

And yeah, it could have been more comprehensive — as John Semley pointed out, I completely forgot Doctor Strange. He suggests Tom Selleck, who’d be an interesting choice … but having thought it over, I think Hugh Laurie might be a more appropriate pick. Selleck’s voice is just too high for a master of the mystic arts; you want someone who can bring the sonorous incantations at full force.

Anything else I left out? And don’t say “Vin Diesel as the Living Monolith” — sure, it’s ideal casting, but there’s no way that movie ever gets made.

One thought on “Let a Million Voices Cry Out As One!”

  1. Princess Diana of Themyscira definitely deserves her own movie. Throw in Power Girl for the drooling teenage boys and Batwoman for some modern relevance (and possible girl-on-girl action for those drooling teenage boys). Especially if Joss Whedon writes it, how could this not be a hit?

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