Well, Then.

Click for a bigger versionDirected by Steven Spielberg. Produced by Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Written by Steven Moffatt and Edgar Wright (and Joe Cornish, whose “Attack the Block” has been getting amazing buzz since its SXSW premiere). And featuring mo-cap performances by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

I don’t even particularly like Tintin. And I’m so over the 3D thing. But dear god, am I in.

4 thoughts on “Well, Then.”

  1. Pegg with a cowlick and Frost in a black blazer as Captain Haddock? Although I’d respect the hell out of him if he gets on all fours to be Snowy. His “Woah! Woah!” might change the face of cinema.

  2. Yep… Very likely to be the first 3D film I will see in the theatre. One of my earliest childhood memories is of reading a well-thumbed copy of “Tintin and The Black Island”

  3. @ Mike — Pegg and Frost are playing Thompson and Thomson, respectively. (Andy Serkis is playing Captain Haddock, because you’re not allowed to make a mo-cap movie without Andy Serkis.)

    @ Josh — The fact that they’re using the original designs, rather than hyper-humanizing the characters, gives me hope. Mo-cap hasn’t yet perfected convincing humans, but it’s great with exaggeration.

    @ Shaun — I never really got into Tintin as a kid, but I’m looking forward to reading the inevitable tie-in reprints …

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