It Really Is All About You

This is a comment on the character, not the actor, obviously. Please don't hurt me, Mr. Bale.… and by “you”, I mean me.

Slate’s Emily Yoffe has just written a piece on the prevalence of narcissistic personality disorders in popular culture, and while she does mention certain prominently positioned characters on the current media landscape, she takes the topic much more seriously than others might.

Yoffe doesn’t come up any new revelations — basically, people who believe they’re entitled to the world’s attention will find a way to get it, whether it’s by becoming a famous Broadway star or by mounting a reality show — but it’s a good read, all the same.

2 thoughts on “It Really Is All About You”

  1. Personally, I blame Ayn Rand and Gordon “Greed is good” Gecko for a lot of society’s current problems, but what do I know…I’m not a narcissist.

  2. I blame “Sesame Street”, myself. Tens of millions of children being told they’re special for thirty-odd years. And then they grow up and find out they’re not …

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