“Twilight” Bites

Oh, they sparkle like the dew, those Cullens ...My latest Sympatico/MSN DVD column is up, finally giving me a chance to discuss “Twilight” at length.

And yeah, it took a little longer than usual to go online, but that’s because I had to allow extra travel time on this one. Teenage girls can be downright vicious when you tell them things they don’t want to hear, and I wanted to be sure I had time to get myself to a secure location …

… okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but I know there’s a Team Edward mob baying for blood out there somewhere. Probably on Facebook.

136 thoughts on ““Twilight” Bites”

  1. For the love of Dr. Carlyle Cullen, why can’t these horny kids move to Hogwarts and save us the pain of two inept franchises?

    That being said, I’d kill to watch Vampire Baseball on TSN…or ESPN…I’m not picky. Hell, I’d even buy it on DVD. But no wires…

  2. Okay, I’ve been waiting for the DVD release to ask…
    Norm, what did your wife think of the book? OR
    Kate, what did you think of the book?
    Appalling? Unintentionally hilarious?
    And…is the movie worth renting on a Mystery Science Theater 3000 sort of way, as an excuse for loud mockery?

  3. Re: the book. It is tacky to quote myself from my own Twitter feed… ?

    “Truly dreadful in a really compelling sort of way. Like eating a whole bag of fun size Mars bars: easy going down, but ick.”

    I’ll say this: Meyer really does capture what it’s like to be a confused and longing teenager.

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