In Conversation, Once Again

www.indiewireThis week’s NOW finds me sitting down with Jeremy Irons, ostensibly to discuss Night Train to Lisbon. But that movie isn’t very good, so we went off in a number of other directions, some of which were quite intriguing, I thought. (Be sure to play the audio on that one, he’s a marvelous conversationalist and there’s at least one lovely little anecdote in there.)

I also chatted with Mitchell Kezin, director of Jingle Bell Rocks! – an investigation into the world of alternate Christmas music, of which I’m quite fond. Whether or not you see the movie, go out and buy Clarence Reid’s “Winter Man”; it’s an amazing discovery.

And that’s about it, since this is a pretty quiet week for new openings — the studios are still gunning their Thanksgiving releases, and the next Hobbit is still a week away. Enjoy the calm, it ain’t gonna last.

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