I Did Say It Would Be Quiet

out-of-the-furnace-bale-cb2… though my day is anything but calm, so it’s time for another round of six-word reviews!

InRealLife: Spend too much time online? Probably. [Jose]

The Italian Character: The Story of a Great Italian Orchestra: More promotional DVD than documentary, sadly. [Glenn]

Jingle Bell Rocks!: Merry Xmas music you’ve never heard.

The Last Days on Mars: Trapped in space, out of ideas. [Glenn]

Let the Fire Burn: Philadelphia’s greatest shame, explored in detail.

Out of the Furnace: Pennsylvania tragedy. So very, very bad.

Night Train to Lisbon: A very literary sort of bore.

Spinning Plates: Restaurant doc has heart, lacks weight.

Boom. Done. Out the door to the next screening. Catch you later!

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