I Got Nothin’

Are you my mummy?It’s a pretty big week for theatrical releases, but I’ve been working on so much other stuff — like the second annual Toronto Romanian film festival, about which more here — that I’ve managed to miss just about everything. And, as you can tell from the lateness of this post, I’m still working. So here’s a quicker-than-usual roundup:

“Confessions of a Shopaholic”: You know, a movie about a ditzy compulsive spender might not be the best thing right now. Dierdre feels the same way.

“Friday the 13th”: Both Andrew and Adam find Michael Bay and Marcus Nispel’s reboot of the venerable ’80s horror franchise more bearable than their ill-advised run at “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Maybe it’s the lack of pesky subtext this time around?

“The International”: Neither Barrett nor Jason is particularly thrilled by Tom Tykwer’s paranoid actioner, which pits Clive Owen and Naomi Watts against an evil bank. I will be very disappointed if the evil bank is not run by an evil computer. You need levels on this stuff, people!

“Saving Luna”: A documentary about a stranded orca is getting mixed reviews — Adam liked it well enough, while Susan doesn’t have much time for it. (Check out the comment thread developing beneath Susan’s review — you’d think she’d just slammed “Toronto Stories”.)

Trouble the Water“: Finally, a movie I’ve actually seen. You should see it, too. It’s really something.

“Under the Sea 3D”: I can never resist a 3D IMAX film, and this one was short, so I was able to squeeze in a screening earlier this week. It’s the usual large-format travelogue (narrated by Jim Carrey!), but the images are gorgeous, and it’s got playful sea lions! Awwww! Rad proved similarly vulnerable.

Okay, that’s everything. Well, not everything; there’s plenty of other stuff left to do this afternoon, so I’ll see you all tomorrow …