When the Levees Broke

In happier timesAnother issue of NOW, another interview — this one with Tia Lessin, co-director (with Carl Deal) of the excellent Katrina documentary “Trouble the Water”, which opens in Toronto tomorrow after a year on the festival circuit.

That’s not them in the photo, by the way; that’s their subject, Kimberly Rivers Roberts (and her husband Scott), whose camcorder footage of the disaster provides a ground-level context for the disaster that struck New Orleans, and whose return to the city several weeks later — accompanied by Lessin and Deal — puts an immediate and human face on a story that still seems almost inconceivable three and a half years later.

There aren’t a lot of recent docs that I’d argue need to be seen on the big screen: “Standard Operating Procedure“, maybe, for its exquisite imagery and its mood, but even that works pretty well as a Blu-ray disc. “Trouble the Water”, though … well, here’s a story that needs to be experienced on an overwhelming scale. Because it was.