Bad Timing

Oh, you'll kneel before Zod, loveI hate when this happens.

I interviewed Steven Soderbergh yesterday, ostensibly in connection to the Toronto release of “Che”. But we’re both nerdy movie gearheads, so the conversation also touched on digital moviemaking, the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war, watching movies in 1080i versus 1080p and almost every one of his earlier films. It’ll all be up on the NOW site next Thursday; fear not, a link will be provided.

But this morning, I clicked over to the Onion AV Club (as I do on every day that ends in a “y”) and saw this: A New Cult Canon entry devoted to Soderbergh’s “The Limey”. Or, more specifically, to its contentious filmmaker commentary track, which is a classic of its medium. Read the piece, you’ll see.

We talked about the “Ocean’s” movies. We talked about “Kafka” and “King of the Hill”. We even touched on “Bubble” and “Full Frontal”. And I didn’t ask him one question about “The Limey”, which is one of his very best and most rewarding works.

So basically, what I’m saying is you should go out and rent “The Limey”. Like, right now. It’s not exactly a Valentine’s Day special or anything, but it’s an infernally excellent character thriller, and also the commentary track is pretty good.

Should have asked him about that, too. Dammit dammit dammit. There’s never enough time.

One thought on “Bad Timing”

  1. The Limey is indeed a really great film. Stamp’s ability to just jump head first, with that unforgettable accent, earns this one a place on the DVD shelf.

    Great caption on the pic, BTW. Made coffee come out my nose.


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