Hold Your Own Damn Festival

... it's just that all the best rappers have really ridiculous beardsI should have put this up yesterday, but with all the “Harry Potter” stuff going on, it just slipped my mind — here’s my latest Sympatico/MSN DVD column, which focuses on a wave of titles from the 2008 festival circuit, including Steven Soderbergh’s “Che” (well, the first half of it, anyway) and James Gray’s “Two Lovers”.

With TIFF’s 2009 edition coming right up, it’s a little weird to be having flashbacks to Cannes ’08 right now. But that’s the beauty of the festival circuit … if you miss something on the big screen, you can count on catching up to it the following summer. It’s, like, all cyclical, man.

One thought on “Hold Your Own Damn Festival”

  1. And then Soderbergh followed Che with The Girlfriend Experience, which is available on Rogers on demand two months ahead of its scheduled DVD release date, for those who like his smaller films.

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