“Harry Potter” and the Multiple Bookings

The potions book, it is his preciousSo they’re doing midnight shows of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” tonight. My NOW review should be up very soon — it’s running in Thursday’s paper, which starts hitting the stands late Wednesday evening, but we were going to try to get it online a little sooner to stay on top of the release. UPDATE: Here it is!

Still, if you absolutely need to know what I thought of the movie RIGHT THIS SECOND, you have a couple of options. I’ll be part of a Pottermania story airing tonight (Tuesday) at 11 pm on City TV, and tomorrow morning I’ll be appearing live on CTV Newsnet at around 9:15 EDT.* It’s Potteriffic! Or … Pottertastic! Or something. Anyway, if clips become available, I’ll post links. ANOTHER UPDATE: Here’s the Newsnet interview. Not sure if City ever put their piece online.

And speaking of Pottermania, here’s my latest Sympatico/MSN movie gallery, looking at eight actors who’ve tried to transcend their signature characters or personae. Daniel Radcliffe is indeed one of them, because we’re all a little worried about that business with the horses.

* In the Toronto area, City TV can be found on UHF channel 57 and cable channel 07; CTV Newsnet is channel 62 on Rogers digital cable. You’re welcome.

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  1. What the frak? You couldn’t find a spot for Christopher Walken? McBain? The slim fast boy video?

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