Out the Door, Back Later

The corncob in his pants wards off her disapprovalShort post this morning; stuff needs doing before the TIFF ’09 opening press conference this morning. (Yes, it’s back, and may God help us all.)

So I’ll just point you at a couple of new Sympatico/MSN galleries cooked up in advance of the Katherine Heigl-Gerard Butler comedy “The Ugly Truth” — ye requisite Battle of the Sexes rundown, and ye reliable list of Manly Movie Men. Do enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Out the Door, Back Later”

  1. Great choice to include In the Company of Men on your battle of the sexes list, although the battle was definitely more of an ambush. That was one of the most uncomfortable movies to sit through that I’ve ever seen.

  2. Jeez, Norm. Did you have to go with that picture? It looks like McConaughy’s junk is sticking out of his shorts.

  3. @ cc: Hold your mouse over the photo for the secret explanation!

    (You don’t have to hold it over his pants; any portion of the image will do.)

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