Happy North American Turkey Coma Day!

Finally, CG actors as expressive as their human co-stars!The Friday after Thanksgiving is always a weird dead zone — the big movies opened on Wednesday, and everyone in the U.S. is out shopping. The Canadian release schedule invariably reflects this, which is why there are only three movies opening today. And they are?

Cool It“: Documentarian Ondi Timoner participates in the image rehab of Bjorn Lomborg, whose pushback against Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” made him a useful idiot for climate-change deniers. Was he misunderstood, or a provocateur? Or is he just a publicity hound who took a consciously flexible position in order to make a big splash that could be walked back once people knew his name? One wonders.

“Made in Dagenham”: Nigel Cole, the director of “Calendar Girls”, returns with another tale of female empowerment through sexual role reversal, telling the true story of the women of the Dagenham Ford plant who went on strike for equal pay in 1968. Reviews have been mixed (including Susan’s), but Sally Hawkins has been building some serious awards-season momentum, so I’ll catch it before the TFCA ballots are due.

“The Nutcracker in 3D”: I likewise missed Andrei Konchalovsky’s new take on the classic Christmas-season tale, which I now regret, because it’s been getting some of the worst reviews of any movie released this year. (A children’s movie from the director of “Runaway Train” and “Tango & Cash”? How did that happen, anyway?) Rad dismisses it; Roger Ebert wants it expunged from living memory. Ah, well, there’s always Blu-ray.

And there you go. Unlike my American cousins, I’m facing a pretty busy work day, so I’ll be off. But spare a thought for me when you’re stuck in the checkout line at Best Buy …

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  1. I’m with Susan about Made in Dagenham. It’s a well-mounted period piece with good performances, but the script is incredibly simplistic, formulaic, and preachy.

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