The Singular Genius of Tim Burton

Hey, look! Stripes!The latest issue of NOW is on the stands (and online, obviously), and in it you’ll find my take on the Tim Burton exhibition that settles into the Lightbox this weekend.

The short version? It’s exactly what you’d expect a Tim Burton exhibition to be, highlighting his strengths and doing its best to downplay his weaknesses — and revealing, accidentally or not, how inextricably the latter are linked to the former. (Really, though, just two pieces from “Ed Wood”? Not cool.)

Oh, and if you were looking for my reviews of “Faster” and “Love & Other Drugs“, they’re in there, as well as “Vision: From the Life of Hildegard von Bingen“, which starts its exclusive Lightbox engagement today. Also opening there today is “Waste Land”, a very good documentary from Lucy Walker. I didn’t review that one, but it’s okay; Susan likes it too.

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  1. Norm, I think there’s a formatting error on the NOW page for the Love and Drugs review. Buncha question marks tagging along with every hyphenated word. FYI.

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