Further Proof That the World is Awesome

Jagshemesh! I come to eat you!If you missed it on BoingBoing earlier this week, here’s the link to a brilliant discussion of the physiological impossibility of Godzilla. It’s the expected pronouncement: He’d be too big to support his own weight, the reactor burning inside him would kill him, yadda yadda yadda. Sigh.

But read the comments for some intriguing explanations as to how a giant radioactive dinosaur- lizard-thingie might be able to exist in our world. (A nuclear process that suffuses his blood with helium would allow him to stand on city streets without collapsing into the subway below, for example.)

And here’s a fascinating Writer’s Guild magazine interview with the “Borat” writers, including Sacha Baron Cohen (via car phone, as he looks for a parking space in Los Angeles). Turns out there’s more screenwriting to it than one might initially believe.

And yes, this post is a subtle push for the ultimate crossover sequel: “Borat Meets Godzilla”. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

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