Love is Fun

Oh, hang on a minute, I think I've come up with something funnierMetro hasn’t put my review of “Music and Lyrics” online — the web guys are probably stuck in snow traffic on their way to work — but you can find it in the PDF version of the paper, if you’re willing to endure the 6MB download.

UPDATE: Here’s the review.

Bottom line? Grant and Barrymore have exceptional chemistry, and the songs — courtesy Fountains of Wayne power-pop savant Adam Schlesinger — are catchy and clever. But the script and direction are sub-par at best; characters speak exclusively in exposition, the plot assembles itself in front of us like a bad sitcom, and every single beat of the action is so clumsily telegraphed that there’s no pleasure to be had in the experience of watching it unfold.

And yet, somehow, it’s okay. Grant and Barrymore make it work by just powering through whatever’s in front of them, tossing off silly little moments in the corners of the action and generally refusing to acknowledge they’re trapped in a real-life version of “Love is Fun”, the banal Richard Gere-Julia Roberts romcom from that “Simpsons” episode where Homer gets the crayon removed from his brain and realizes he can no longer tolerate the banality of his favorite crowd-pleasing entertainments.

Marc Lawrence — the Sandra Bullock crony who gave us “Forces of Nature”, “Miss Congeniality” and “Two Weeks Notice” — has to be stopped. But Grant and Barrymore should be given their own franchise.

Come to think of it, they’d be perfect for a period revival of the “Thin Man” movies. Can we get somebody on that?

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