The Loneliest Awards

An industry award that opens letters rather than doorsThis week’s Sympatico/MSN movie column — it’s a direct link now — is about the Genies. Did you know they were held this past Tuesday? I almost didn’t, and I blame the media.

Also, it’s Friday! Movies are opening! Specifically:

Breach“: Billy Ray follows “Shattered Glass” with another movie about guys in ties who argue about lies. This one’s pretty gripping, too.

Breaking and Entering“: Anthony Minghella is a charming and intelligent man, who has made the mistake of writing his own script.

Bridge to Terabithia“: Or, what happens when marketing makes promises a movie can’t keep. And Walden Media — already overdoing the Christian thing after “Narnia” and “Charlotte’s Web” — really has to throttle back on the piety.

“Ghost Rider”: Screened too late for opening-day coverage; my Metro review will run on Monday. Yeah, it’s silly and incoherent and ridiculous and dumb as a box of rocks. But someday, they will write songs about Nicolas Cage’s magnificent, magnificent performance.

Rock on, Nicolas Cage, you spectacular comic-book bastard.

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