For Your Distraction

Yes, this is an actual thingMy MSN DVD column isn’t up yet and I’m basically running out the door for a very busy day. But my friends at the AV Club have come up with two very entertaining pieces that I feel compelled to share — a Random Roles with Udo Kier, which is even more entertaining than you think it’ll be, because as you may know, Udo Kier is a marvelous raconteur and has stories about absolutely everything he’s ever done.

The Clubbers have also posted their collective rundown of the best/worst promotional crap they received in 2010. Want to see how much studios spend on useless crap? Do check it out.

And before you ask, I don’t get a tenth of the stuff they do …

3 thoughts on “For Your Distraction”

  1. Actually the job of coming up with ideas for promotional swag sounds more fun than actually receiving the stuff. (And some of these looked potentially marketable to fans.) From your comparitively meager haul, do you have any truly memorable or favorite promo item?

  2. I remember the packs of hairgel given out for ‘There’s Something About Mary’ (hand-made!), and teabags for ‘Pecker’.

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