Status Quo

Yeah, we're number one again, but have you seen us? We look REALLY oldThe first box-office weekend of 2011 looked exactly like the last weekend of 2010, as “Little Fockers” and “True Grit” held onto first and second place with $26.3 million and $24.5 million, respectively.

Having managed to avoid “Little Fockers”, I assume it’s one of those movies that families decide to see together during the holidays because it’s broad enough that the kids will sit through it, and innocuous enough that Nana won’t get cranky about the innuendo. Never mind that all the characters in the franchise are either horrible, or idiots, or horrible idiots; people like watching Robert De Niro humiliate Ben Stiller, and that’s all there is to it.

And I know that the new year requires predictions, but can we maybe keep ourselves from making statements like these in future news stories?

Hollywood is off to a slow start in 2011, with revenues down 28 percent from New Year’s weekend a year ago.

Seriously, the year is three days old, and there were no new releases to drive up consumer interest. How about we hold off on the doomsaying until the opening numbers for “Season of the Witch”?

And Pete Postlethwaite has died? That seems like a piss-poor way to start any year.