File Under “Inevitable”

Billie Jean was not his lover, that's for damn sureIn honor of the anniversary of the passing of another musical King, ABC News reporter Russell Goldman dares to wonder: “Was Elvis Death Similar to Michael Jackson?

I mean, when you think about it, it’s so obvious:

Both Jackson and Elvis’ lives unfurled with similar progression. Born into working-class families, they were musical innovators whose success bridged cultures and generations, and whose fame made them prisoners in their own homes.

But their deaths have an even eerier congruence. With their best days behind them, each planned a concert tour to redefine their legacies. Before getting the chance, however, they each died quietly in their gilded cages from an overdose of powerful prescription drugs.

The whole “crazy as a shithouse rat” thing, though? I think that’s just Jackson. I mean, sure, there were stories of Elvis being kind of weird, but at least he died wearing his own face. That’s gotta count for something.

2 thoughts on “File Under “Inevitable””

  1. Mmmmmm…braaaiiins! (Way off topic, I admit.) Toronto After Dark festival…Dead Snow 5/5, bloody Nazi zombie splatterage. Revenant only 2/5, partly for not living up to expectations set up by trailer, partly for more endings than Return of the King.

  2. I still remember where I was when I got news that Elvis died. It was raining, I was 12, and I was in the back seat of our 1971 Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser as Dad drove to the new Brewers Retail outlet on Scott Street in St. Catharines. I thought the DJ was playing a joke. Both these deaths actually sadden me, but I’ve never considered Jackson a musical innovator. And I don’t know why anyone hasn’t nailed him in death over his corporate insistent that either he got called The King of Pop, or your media outlet didn’t get any inside goodies. Also, Peter Guralnick’s two bios on Elvis are indispensible.

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