Blomkamp Triumphant

I see you, hovering over everything like some great, awkward metaphorNeill Blomkamp’s “District 9” pwned the weekend with an estimated $37 million gross, adding another feather to producer Peter Jackson’s cap and vaulting the previously untested Blomkamp — known until now as the guy who was supposed to make the “Halo” movie — onto Hollywood’s action A-list.

I may have some issues with the movie, but I couldn’t be happier for Blomkamp, who’s a filmmaker with a potent, visceral vision — or for Jackson, who had the decency to find something else for the kid to do when “Halo” collapsed. Jackson’s been one of my favorite industry people ever since the grand old days of “Meet the Feebles” and “Braindead” at TIFF; I’m pretty sure he gave me his cold during our “Heavenly Creatures” interview back in ’94, but I don’t hold it against him.

So, yeah. Now that everyone’s confident in everyone else, let’s get Fox to put Blomkamp in charge of the “Predator” reboot and see what happens when humans and aliens get to shoot each other without all that cumbersome allegorical subtext getting in the way.

Oh, don’t make that face. You know it’s coming.