Long in Coming

This week’s episode of Someone Else’s Movie has been almost seven years in the making — ever since I ended up in a Newark departure lounge with Melanie Scrofano in October 2016. We’d just met earlier that afternoon at a Barnes & Noble in Tribeca, where she and  the Wynonna Earp crew had been doing a panel — I was in town, and stopped by to say hi to Emily Andras and give her some pastries from Locanda Verde up the street, it was a whole thing — and a couple of hours later, there we were waiting for the same flight home. So we got to talking, and I pitched Mel the podcast, and without a second’s hesitation she said “Oh, sure. Let’s do Inglourious Basterds“.

I’ve been saving it for her ever since, and after a whole bunch of life stuff we finally got to do it. And here it is, an energetic conversation that finds us ping-ponging all over Quentin Tarantino’s filmography, not bringing up Wynonna Earp at all (sorry!) and probably not spending enough time on how much fun she’s having chasing Emily Hampshire and annoying Jonas Chernick in The End of Sex, which opens across Canada this Friday and is the ostensible reason we did the episode. But give it a listen; there’s plenty of other entertainment value here.

Also, I am shocked that, despite Reservoir Dogs being my very favorite Tarantino film, I blanked on Michael Madsen’s character being called Mr. Blonde. It’s not a color, is why!

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