Family History

Stories_we_tell_Trailer_HD_A_film_by_Sarah_Polley.mp4_snapshot_01.26_2012.11.07_20.51.03You’ve seen Sarah Polley’s Stories We Tell, right? It’s terrific — I named it my number-one film of 2012, and Sarah and I unpacked its development and personal import in our NOW interview at the time. But if you have seen it, the odds are you’ve only seen it at home, and it’s a very different experience with an audience.

I’m introducing it tonight at Harbourfront, at 8:45 pm. It’s the cornerstone of this year’s Free Flicks series, directly confronting the modern conceptions of family and legacy, and I’m delighted to be able to screen it. Come on down, if you survive today’s crushing heat. It’ll be nice to sink into a contemplative state by the lake, and maybe think about your own identity, and how it’s so profoundly shaped by the actions of others.

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