Road Warrior

1401x788-Screen-Shot-2015-05-07-at-2.36.26-PMIn this week’s NOW, I chat with Ed Helms about his role in Vacation, which allowed him to become part of a world — and, indeed, a universe, he grew up loving.

I also made some movie recommendations for the August edition of our Hot Summer Guide, including NOW’s very own free screening of Jaws at The Royal on August 10th. You might wanna make a note of that one.

One thought on “Road Warrior”

  1. I wonder how much the dynamics of Z for Zachariah will change by having a 25-year-old (or so) play the 16-year-old protagonist. I’ve looked at a couple of stills from the movie. If they were trying to make Margot Robbie look 16, they didn’t manage it. I can think of a couple of actresses who have managed to look younger than their actual ages more convincingly – Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence come to mind. Maybe they aged up the character, but again, that would change the dynamics considerably.

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