Party Time

imgres2310263j8lRRzimVq0aW57pvmyVDqVmzOSWbpC9rjF0BAr1M6c3yT0CcOGfb6Gf8IFod5N+WaaOen8ziJMaAFgjMT0NlAThis week on Someone Else’s Movie, actual millennial Chandler Levack — screenwriter, filmmaker, organizer of the Feminist Live Read of Entourage — brings Can’t Hardly Wait into the basement for a conversation about role models, teen comedies and the death of generational expectations, among other things.

It’s a deeper episode than I thought this film would yield, and I’m delighted by that. Get it on  iTunes, Stitcher, or direct download — really, whatever works for you.

And then think about coming down to the Lightbox tonight for the first event in TIFF’s summer Versus series, which pits me against Jason Gorber for the hearts and minds of Toronto’s Batman fan base. Cheer me on at 8:45 pm,  as I make the case for Tim Burton’s Batman Returns! It’s gonna be good!

And even if it isn’t good, it’s gonna be weird. Seriously, check it out.

One thought on “Party Time”

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