2 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Theater”

  1. I’m going to add my own honorable mention for an example of fairy tale television that deserves to be on your list… Jim Henson’s The Storyteller which featured Anthony Minghella writing and John Hurt narrating (with comments from his muppet dog). Two in particular – The Three Ravens and Hans, My Hedgehog – have stuck in my mind from the time I saw them on TV until the series became available on DVD. The production values don’t equal movies, but the quality of writing and narration emphasize the storytelling aspect, the oral tradition, of fairy tales.

  2. Your inclusion of Shrek feels particularly out of place, since you don’t have any other animated movies on there. Shrek gets a mention but the Disney classics it lampoons don’t? Doesn’t seem right.

    I think you should have stuck with just live action movies, in which case I’d substitute Neil Jordan’s The Company of Wolves.

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